Options Menu

These options will be saved on exit and restored on restart.

Allow hand ranges
Shows a range button next to each hand that toggles in/out of starting hand range mode. Lower and upper bounds on the starting hand range can then be selected. 0–10% means the best 10% of starting hands (based on the currently selected range criterion).
Extra hand range criteria
Includes the full set of range criteria in the drop-down list and hand ranges table.
View hand ranges table
Opens a window that shows the current game's starting hands ranked according to various range criteria. Clicking a column heading sorts the hands by that column's criteria. Top% column shows which percent range that starting hand is in (according to the currently sorted column). Combos column shows how many starting hands are represented by this hand type. For example, A♠K♠ represents four starting hand combinations, one for each suit, while A♠K♥ represents 12 starting hands combinations.
Restore hand when unhidden
Normally, hiding a hand that contains cards, then adding the same hand will clear all the card fields. With this option on, the previous cards will be restored (if they have not been used elsewhere).
Show/hide multiple hands
Clicking a hidden hand will show that hand and all hands above it. Hiding a hand will hide that hand and all hands below it. This allows switching, for example, between 2 hands and 6 hands with one click.
Allow folded hands
Shows a fold button next to each hand that toggles in/out of folded mode. The equity calculations will treat that hand as "dealt in," but that hand will have no pot equity. A folded hand's cards are considered dead cards. If a range of starting hands is selected, the equity calculation will consider that.
Mouse wheel card selection
Use the mouse wheel to cycle through the cards when over a card field. Select from Disabled, On highlighted card field, or On any card field.
Right mouse click starts evaluation
Start evaluations quickly without having to move the mouse to the evaluate button.
Show evaluation limit controls
Change the limits for exact calculations and monte carlo simulations.
Decimal precision
Determines how many decimal places are displayed for results.
Rows between results
Select 0 to 4 blank rows to make reading the results more compact or easier to read.
Four color deck
Toggle between a 4 color deck or traditional 2 color deck for displayed cards.
Ascending card buttons
Switches the order of the card buttons.